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We develop mixed-use, hospitality, food & beverage, casino and entertainment environments. At Strada, we place a balanced emphasis on the art and science of the development journey - the result is sustainable and memorable market offerings. 


The partners of Strada point to the unique hospitality and tourist centric economy of Las Vegas for their approach to development. Nowhere in the world is there more attention given to the target consumer and project performance. Each partner has more than 30 years of experience in various aspects of the development process including design, architecture, project management, project accounting, finance, and property operations. 


Strada stands on a solid foundation with past projects from our founders like the Bellagio, The Playboy Nightclub, TopGolf and 3 million square feet of other developed commercial and residential spaces. 





Investment Chart

Our approach to project management is grounded in transparency, regular and documented communication, and a strong system of financial & project controls.


While development typically begins with a vision, it transitions into a systematic process requiring a clear understanding of project goals, financing, target consumers, market conditions, feasibility studies, entitlements, construction and more. We manage all of these competing priorities while maintaining project budgets and schedules.


We work closely with our architectural partners to ensure delivery of the project vision. We watch for design functionality and flow while at the same time allowing latitude for creativity and the conception of memorable places. 


We’ve spent a lot of time developing our back of office capabilities and the systems of control that govern our project management process, including:​

  • An enterprise grade accounting system that offers:

Real time access to actual spend vs. budget

Monthly cost and payment tracking

  • Carefully prepared RFPs and bidding/selection processes

  • Secure, centralized document storage

  • Auditable document exchange system

  • Monthly cash-flow, and schedule reports with variance explanations

  • Monthly summary of RFIs including status and age

  • Monthly summary of drawing changes and pending change orders

  • Three to five-year facilities plan

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